Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals

Submissions are welcome from academics, students and practitioners across the varied higher education disciplines, as well as the secondary school levels. We urge individuals as well as institutions to submit paper proposals that deal with the main theme, 'Accomplishing Innovation in Higher Education: Problem and Project-based Learning in Focus'. Proposals about other active learning and teaching methodologies are also encouraged. The symposium language shall be in English.

Submission is closed

The symposium sub-themes will include, but not limited to:

  1. Curriculum design in PBL / PjBL
  2. Problem / Project design
  3. Best Practices and Models
  4. Learning Technologies involved in PBL / PjBL
  5. Enhancing facilitation skills
  6. Institutional Management and Support of PBL / PjBL

Suggested topics would be, but not limited to:

  • Blended learning and PBL / PjBL
  • Innovative learning and teaching practices and models
  • Implementing Interdisciplinarity / Cross-disciplinary PBL / PjBL
  • Sustainability and PBL / PjBL
  • PBL / PjBL and entrepreneurship
  • Students’ learning process
  • Reviewing PBL / PjBL practice
  • Assessment methods in PBL / PjBL
  • Managing curricular change
  • Teacher roles in PBL / PjBL
  • Facilitating large student groups
  • Continuing professional development and PBL / PjBL
  • Collaborating with the Industry
  • Challenges of implementing PBL / PjBL from the cultural perspective
  • Overall challenges of implementing PBL /PjBL
  • The connection of Reflective learning and active methodologies
  • Project-based learning VS Projects as mere tasks
  • Employability and PBL / PjBL
  • Facilitator training

Abstract Submission Requirements

A.   Title of Proposal (centralized)
B.  Author/s: (all centralized)
First Name Last Name (1), First Name Last Name (2) and First Name Last Name (3)
       1   First author, institution affiliation, Country, complete email address;
       2   Second author, institution affiliation, Country, complete email address;
       3   Third author, institution affiliation, Country, complete email address.
C.   Keywords: 3-5
D.   Specific discipline: (Business, Engineering, Medicine, Secondary school, etc)
E.   Type of contribution: Research paper, Review/ Conceptual paper or Best practice paper
F.   Abstract Proper: 200 -300 words and should be in English.
G.   Row spacing: 1.5.
H.   Font: Times New Roman, Size 12.

Submission is closed

Please note that an abstract is not sufficient to be evaluated as a full contribution. All abstracts and full papers will be blind-reviewed and the accepted papers will be published on the symposium electronic proceedings. Please take note of the following important dates:

1st February 2019
Abstract proposal submission starts
31st March 2019 Deadline for abstract submission
1st April 2019 Start of notification of authors re: acceptance of abstracts
31st May 2019 Deadline for full paper drafts
1st July 2019 Feedback to authors regarding full paper drafts
31st August 2019 Deadline for submission of full, finalized papers to be included in proceedings
31st of October – 4th November 2019 2019 PBL / PjBL Symposium

Presentation Specifications